What's Inside?

Shaping your Soul Style starts with uncovering simple insights. Demystify the ancient knowledge inside Numerology to find foundational truths about your Soul Style!

  • PART 1 • Your Core Number. More Core Meaning. Uncover a simple starting point in Numerology with the seven digits of your birthdate.

  • PART 2 • Map out your birth chart for key insights, how to bridge the gaps and directional insights that point the way to more balance.

  • PART 3 • Construct your personal pyramid and find your peak 'pivot' years and how to create more in the Age of Aquarius!

  • BONUS: Take your insights into your own 'Storyboard' with suggestions and tools from Trish's personal and professional practice and (re)write your own Soul's Story, by the numbers!

Find Your Soul Style ... by the Numbers!